The ticket shop for the DreamHack Leipzig Home Edition tournaments is unfortunately closed. If you have any questions about existing ticket purchases, feel free to check out the individual steps of the ordering process (see below). If there is no solution for you, please feel free to contact us on Discord. The mystery boxes are still available while stock lasts. Click here to get to the ticket shop. All live stream offers are accessible free of charge!

Which accounts do you need per player to participate in the tournaments?

- DreamHack Leipzig Discord-Sever (this is how you communicate with the tournament orga in the respective tournament channels)

- LAN-Hub (for viewing your booked services and later for forwarding to the tournament registration via Toornament)

- Toornament (for later tournament registration, requires prior registration in LAN-Hub)

The individual steps beginning with the ticket purchase are:

- Step 1: The team leader buys a ticket bundle for his/her team in the ticket store by January 20, 2021 at the latest.

- Step 2: Each player creates his/her own LAN Hub account by entering the ticket number (which can be found in the online ticket that will be send to you as a PDF attached to the order confirmation). Important note: do not bind all tickets to one account!

- Step 3: Join our Discord server .

- Step 4: At a later date you can join your tournaments via Toornament. We will let you know via Discord when the tournament registration will take place. Always keep an eye on the tournament schedule . Important: the registration only works with a LAN-Hub account!

For the participation in the tournaments, the GT&Cs (PDF, 208 kB) and special conditions of participation must be agreed on.